Dr. Langner Jazz Master (HfMT)

The non-profit Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation has introduced the exclusive 2-year (4 semesters) master degree program named „Dr. Langner Jazz Master“, offered at the University of Music and Theater (HfMT) in Hamburg. The program is set to commence in the winter semester of 2014/15. The master program...

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Vocal Jazz Professorship (HfMT)

In 2008 the Dr. E. A. Langner Foundation developed and financed the Professorship for Vocal Jazz at the University of Music and Theater (HfMT) in Hamburg. This financial engagement made it possible for the HfMT to successively create eight additional bachelor study places for the...

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East-West Bigband (Shanghai Conservatory and HfMT)

In August 2012, musicians from the jazz department at the Shanghai Conservatory joined up with their counterparts from the Hamburg University of Music and Theater (HfMT) to form the East-West Big Band, a project funded by the Dr. E.A. Langner-Foundation. Students and professors of both...


German Jazz-Journalism Award

The German Jazz Journalism Award was initiated in 2012 by the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation and the organizers of the international Jazz Trade Show in Bremen, called ‘Jazzahead’. This award supports the jazz scene and enhances its presence in the media. It is granted to...

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JeKi Concerts: A Music Instrument for each Child

Playing a music instrument, may it be alone or in a group, is contributing towards the musical development of our children and enhances their musical experience. Research also showed that it strengthens their character. For this reason, the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation had closely followed...

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“Fairy-Tale Days” in Hamburg

The “Fairy-Tale Days” is a major literature festival held in Hamburg for children of all ages. Within one week there are about 70 fairy-tale readings and performances at various museums, theatres, in schools, kindergartens and in the city libraries. The “Fairy-Tale Days” reach around 6000...

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Hamburg Jazz Award

One of the prime objectives of the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation is to sustainably strengthen the jazz scene in Hamburg. The Hamburg Jazz Price does thereby play an important role. Nils Landgren, the world-famous jazz musician, is the patron of the Hamburg Jazz-Award. The award was...

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Hamburg Prize for Cultural Achievements of Children and Young Individuals

From 2005 until 2011 the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation presented the Hamburg Prize for Cultural Achievements. The annual prize of EUR 20.000,00 honors the especially talented children and young individuals of Hamburg. The recipients of the prize, under the patronage of the Hamburg Senate for Culture,...

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Jazz Scholarships (HfMT)

Every year from 2006 to 2010, the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation awarded three scholarships to local young jazz musicians to help them produce compositions, organize recordings or to enable their education abroad. The scholarships were awarded exclusively to students of the Hamburg University of Music...

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Bolivian Youth Orchestra

The youth orchestra ‘Plan 3000’ in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, was founded by the Bolivian conductor Ruben Dario. There are around 50 children and young musicians from underprivileged families who are playing in this orchestra up to five times a week. This worthy project has also...

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Can Do Can Dance (Royston Maldoom)

Royston Maldoom is considered to be one of the founders of the Community Dance Movement. All around the world, he is initiating and managing dance projects for everyone’s participation, irrespective of talent, experience, age, gender, skin color, ethnic origin or social class. In 2006 the Dr....