Dr. Langner Jazz Master (HfMT)


for especially talented jazz musicians

The non-profit Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation has introduced the exclusive 2-year (4 semesters) master degree program named „Dr. Langner Jazz Master“ for 8 students. The Degree is offered at the University of Music and Theater (HfMT) in Hamburg.

The program is set to commence in the winter semester of 2014/15. The master program will set forth top merits in national and international jazz education and will promote the continuous development of jazz in Hamburg.

The “Dr. Langner Jazz Master” is aimed at especially talented students from all over the world with top expertise and a strong artistic personality.

As of the Fall Semester 2019/20, the Hamburg senate takes over the financing of the Jazz Master course and doubles the number of students until the Fall semester of 2021/22.

Students are to receive a full scholarship

including a possible monthly living allowance.

The master program is fully financed by the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation. The scholarship, valued for each student at EUR 19,000.00 p.a., includes a personal living allowance of up to EUR 4,800.00 p.a., depending on the student’s qualification,

financial needs and verification through the Foundation. Additional financial support is being offered by the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation to those master students, who are advancing exceptionally well in their studies.

The Master Program entails professional, interdisciplinary education and versatile extra-curricular activities for the students’ artistic and personal development towards a successful international career.


  • Björn Atle Anfinsen // Trumpet
  • Filip Dinev // Guitar
  • Tobias Frohnhöfer // Drums
  • Dominic Harrison // Drums
  • Lauri Kadalipp // Saxophone
  • Erik Konertz // Trombone
  • Clara Lucas // Vocals
  • Matthis Rasche // Trumpet
  • Hauke Renken // Vibraphone
  • Tigran Tatevosia // Piano


  • Gustav Bromann // Bass
  • Sofia Chekster // Vocals
  • Lasse Golz // Saxophone
  • Fynn Großmann // Saxophone
  • Adrian Hanack // Saxophone
  • Konstantin Herleinsberger // Saxophone
  • Irakli Korkotashvilli // Drums
  • Fabia Mantwill // Saxophone
  • Jan-Phillip Meyer // Drums
  • Christin Neddens // Drums
  • Tilmann Oberbeck // Bass
  • Konstantin Reinfeld // Harmonica
  • Leon Saleh // Drums
  • Anna-Lena Schnabel // Saxophone
  • Silvan Strauss // Drums
  • Albin Vesterberg // Guitar
  • Tilo Weber // Drums
  • Samantha Wright // Clarinet
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