The Dr. E.A. Langner-Foundation was established in 2004 by Prof. Dr. Ernst A. Langner, a musician at young age, an entrepreneur and philanthropist throughout his professional life. The Foundation is dedicated to support and facilitate the cultural education of children and adolescents.

As classical music and the jazz arts are of great personal importance to Prof. Dr. Ernst A. Langner, the Foundation is also focusing on building the music and jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance and developing new audiences. The Dr. E. A. Langner- Foundation funds projects for young people and it also provides start-up financing.

The Foundation is striving for the successful launch and execution of each project through its sponsorship until other institutions adapt and continue these projects. By doing so, the Foundation’s financial resources may be re-directed regularly towards other worthy causes and initiatives.

The Board of Directors and the Advisory Board

The Board of Directors, supported by an Advisory Board, manages the business activities of the Dr. E.A. Langner-Foundation.
Both ensure continuous and sustainable fulfilment of the Foundation’s objectives.

The members of the Board are:

Nataly Langner

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Ernst A. Langner

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Antje Blumhagen

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Bernhard Wunderlin

Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Carl- Heinz Heuer

Member of the Advisory Board