Hamburg Prize for Cultural Achievements of Children and Young Individuals

From 2005 until 2011 the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation presented the Hamburg Prize for Cultural Achievements. The annual prize of EUR 20.000,00 honors the especially talented children and young individuals of Hamburg.

The recipients of the prize, under the patronage of the Hamburg Senate for Culture, were the institutions that had taken special influence on children’s personality development in areas of social competence, fantasy and creativity:

– the Hamburg Youth Music Foundation with the „Melodic Museum of Hamburg“

– the Company MIGNON e.V. with the “Circus Mignon”

– the “Kindermuseum Hamburg e.V.” with the “KL!CK Children’s Museum in Hamburg”

– the Ernst-Deutsch-Theater with the “Platform Festival”

– the Music Conservatory of Hamburg with “An Opera for Each Child”

– the “Zeppelin Kinder- und Jugendkunst e.V.” with a theatric piece named „Momo and the Thieves of Time“