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“Fairy-Tale Days” in Hamburg

The “Fairy-Tale Days” is a major literature festival held in Hamburg for children of all ages. Within one week there are about 70 fairy-tale readings and performances at various museums, theatres, in schools, kindergartens and in the city libraries. The “Fairy-Tale Days” reach around 6000 children from all social classes.

There is also an annual fairy-tale writing competition being organized by the Foundation for all pupils of the 5th and 6th grades. About 600 to 800 kids are participating every year and the project is well supported by the schools, as well as by the Ministry of Schools and Vocational Training.

The “Fairy-Tale Days” were introduced in Hamburg in 2004 by the Dr. E.A. Langner-Foundation and sponsored until 2014 with an annual endowment of around EUR 100,000.00. After ten most successful years, the foundation entrusted another non-profitable sponsor with the project.