JeKi Concerts: A Music Instrument for each Child

Playing a music instrument, may it be alone or in a group, is contributing towards the musical development of our children and enhances their musical experience. Research also showed that it strengthens their character. For this reason, the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation had closely followed the project ‚‚A Music Instrument for each Child’’ (abbreviated JeKi in German) after it was initiated in Bochum in 2003 by another non-profit organization. In 2007 in cooperation with the Youth Music School Hamburg, the Dr. E.A. Langner Foundation then successfully jump-started and financed the JeKi Project for the 2nd and 3rd grades of the elementary school ‘Hamburg Turmweg’. And already in 2009/10 the project was adapted by the Hamburg Senate to include 62 elementary schools (

The City Senate’s support of the JeKi-Initiative is further enhanced by the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation with a series of ‘JeKi-Concerts’ organized in Hamburg schools. The concerts featuring the professional musicians are funded by the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation and are held three times per annum during the school hours at different Hamburg schools. Through the concerts, which are moderated by the great musicians, children are becoming interested in music and in playing their own instrument. This motivates them to pursue practicing their own instruments.

After a trial run at three elementary schools in 2008/09, the concerts were approved by the Ministry of Schools and Vocational Training of Hamburg and were then introduced officially at ten elementary schools in the school year of 2009/10. Participating schools are selected from the various city regions, including under-privileged social areas. At the end of the year 2012, the Dr. E. A. Langner-Foundation, together with the JeKi Project Management, selected ten other elementary schools, at which concerts will be hosted for the next three years.